Friday, October 24, 2014

Getting Wild

Before we go getting all wild and crazy, let me show you the new scarf I'm working on. 

The yarn is leftover Red Heart that I've used before -- Old Rose and Gumdrop.  Next time, I'm going to put another stripe of the Rose on the other side.  I'd actually thought of that while I was warping the loom, but then forgot to do it.  In my defense, I was coloring my hair and had to go wash the dye out in the middle of warping. 

Yes, I decided to keep the red just a bit longer, and since I decided to stay with the red, I got a better quality dye.  The cheap dye I'd used the first time had faded to plain brown already.  But I'm sure you're not interested in that...

Speaking of hair color, this is where I got crazy and went a little wild. 

Yes, I bought some hot pink temporary hair color.  Then I read the back where it said not to use if your hair has been dyed, bleached, or permed within the last year.  I wondered what would happen if you used this on dyed hair, so I did a little online research.  It would seem that the caution is there to prevent unnecessary litigation.  I mean, seriously, if you dyed your hair a year ago, by the time you used this, all that hair would have been trimmed off by then, especially if you keep your hair short.  Well, shorter than waist length, at least.

Now, perms are a bit harsher on your hair than modern dye techniques, so I'd be a bit more cautious if I had a perm in my hair.  But I don't, so I think I'll be OK. 

That was last week.  When I went back to the store today, I found this:

Body glitter!  I like the gold better than the blue.  I think I might go back tomorrow and get a couple more cans, since they only sell it around Halloween.  I know this isn't a good picture, but you can kinda see what it looks like in my allergy test spot.

That's the gold.  The blue didn't show up in the picture I took of it at all. 

While we're on the subject of allergies, I am allergic to eggs.  I'm not deathly allergic, though.  In fact, my allergist told me I could eat things with eggs as ingredients as long as they didn't bother me too badly.  Yesterday, me and another co-worker hosted a baby shower at work, and we each agreed to bring cupcakes.

Nobody at the front of my line has our act together enough to organize a dinner.  So we did cupcakes.

Well, the other lady got mad because she didn't feel like she received enough gifts, so she hid her cupcakes and didn't put them out.  When people asked where the cupcakes were, she sent them to get mine.  That made me just a bit angry, because I didn't get any gifts at all.  It's not my kid who is having a baby.  So, she should have been sharing her cupcakes, more so than me.  But she didn't.  She didn't give out one single cupcake that she'd brought. 

Even so, we greatly overestimated how many cupcakes we would need, so I had a dozen left over.  I brought them home, and have been eating them.  Without Benadryl.  Because I like living on the edge.  Other than some mild stomach cramps and a bit of tingling in my mouth, I haven't really had any reaction to them.  I had so little reaction that I seriously considered buying some egg nog, but I passed on that for now.  I may get a carton later -- closer to Christmas. 

Today is the first day of a four day weekend --unpaid, unfortunately.  But fortunately for me, I had the foresight to save most of my vacation days, so I will get paid-- this weekend at least.  If we have many more of these, I will run out of days, and have to tighten my belt to get through November and December, and work will pick back up in January.  At least that's what upper management is telling us. 

I said I wasn't going to sit in the house in front of the TV all four days, but that's exactly what I did today -- after I paid bills and went grocery shopping, that is.  Tomorrow is football day.  Sunday is church followed by football day.  That leaves Monday.  I'm going to do something Monday.

Really, I am. 

I don't know what, but it's going to be something. 

We shall see. 

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