Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Random Thoughts Of A Tuesday Evening

1.  The Cowboys can't win the big game.  It's only a big game if they lose.  The games they win couldn't possibly be big games, because Romo can't win the big games.  Like the time when they went into New Orleans and beat the then undefeated and eventual Super Bowl champion Saints.  That wasn't a big game.  But when they lost to the Steelers up in Pittsburgh, that was a big game.  Had to have been.  They lost.  And they can't win the big games.

2.  Romo is not a clutch player.  He can't handle the stress of a last minute comeback.  Apparently, all those last minute comeback wins weren't stressful.  You know, like when he lead them to a last minute, overtime win over the eventual NFC champion 49ers-- and he did it with a broken rib and punctured lung-- no, that wasn't stressful at all.  Or earlier this season when he led them to a victory from the largest deficit in team history wasn't a bit stressful. 

3. Every single loss is Romo's fault, because of him throwing interceptions, even if he didn't actually throw an interception.  Doesn't matter.  Still his fault. 

4.  Simultaneously, every loss will be blamed on Romo "choking", even if it is the defense that gives up a 97 yard, last minute touchdown drive to the opponent.  Somehow, that is still Romo's fault.

5.   After every loss, this

is still being brought up nearly 8 years later, while this

has been all but forgotten. 

6.  Most fans don't know nearly as much about football as they think they do. 


StephieKnits said...

It took me a minute to "hear" the sarcasm. I started to argue with every point.

Becky G said...

Yeah, I started to put a sarcasm alert on it, but decided not to.


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