Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Blood Moon

I got up in time to see part of the eclipse this morning. I couldn't stay out and watch the whole thing, because I had to get ready for work.  From some strange, odd reason, watching an eclipse is not an excused absence.  What's up with that? 

That isn't my picture, oh, by the way.  My camera doesn't zoom nearly that well.  I copped it from a space website.

Anyway, I walked back out after I'd gotten ready, but by then, a dense fog had rolled in and I couldn't see any more.  I did get to see a little sliver of moon over the cotton field as I was driving to work, but that was all.

I'm not sure why everyone is freaking over the moon turning red.  I mean, every single total eclipse I've ever seen has made the moon turn red.  It has something to do with the refraction of the light through the Earth's atmosphere, or something like that.  I don't remember, but you can research it if you're so inclined.

Whatever, the point is, there is a perfectly logical, reasonable, scientific explanation for it.  It has nothing to do with the world coming to an end or anything.  

Oh, and while we're talking about the moon, I just got one more thing to say: 


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