Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cable Woes

I still haven't gotten my cable fixed.  Just to recap, the local cable company is finally switching to digital, so we all had to get converter boxes.  When I hooked mine up, I wasn't getting all of my channels.  The rep told me to bring the second box back and that should fix my problem.  OK.

Yesterday after work, I took the extra box back to the cable office.  I explained to the person there what the rep on the phone had said, only she said that having an extra box shouldn't cause that issue.  She took the box off of my account and sent an update to my remaining box.  I came home, and checked, and I'm still missing 14 of my channels.

I called back and talked to Charles (the first rep didn't tell me her name).  We tried a few more things, and I'm still not getting those channels, so they are going to have to send a tech out to the house.  He could have come out today, but it's one of those things where he said the guy would be out sometime between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  I asked if the guy could come out after 3:00, because that's when I get off work.  Charles said he could make a notation, but couldn't guarantee it.  I'm not willing to call in, miss a day's pay, and lose my attendance bonus just for 14 TV channels -- even if one of them is the one The Walking Dead is on.  I told him just to schedule the tech for Friday.  I would be home all day, so he could come anytime.

So that's where we stand with that. 

The other day when I was getting my tire fixed, I saw Fisher Price is bringing back some retro toys.  My sister had one of these record players.

When Cody was 4ish, we had gone home for Christmas.  I got some of our old toys out for him to play with, including Deana's Fisher Price record player.  I was showing him how to work it, how to wind it up and put the records on, and where to put them in the little storage slot.  About the third time I said something about the record, Cody looked at me like I'd lost my mind, and said indignantly, "Mom, it's a CD!" 

Then I had to tell him, "Back in the olden days, we called them records."

Look, a new shirt. 

I ordered it from a place called TeeSpring, and I must say I was very disappointed in the quality for the price.  The material is very thin, and the size seems to be like a full size smaller than a normal XL.  I'm not sure I'll even be able to wear it. 

I doubt I'll order from them again. 

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