Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Weather

Winter weather is the perfect time for knitting.

I've been neglecting Kyle's blanket for far too long.  Truth is, I've gotten this far and have decided I don't like the way it's turning out.

 It's puckering too much, and being an acrylic yarn, that pucker won't block out. So I decided to rip it all out and start over, much to Rylea's dismay.

"I wuv dis bwankie," she says. 

I think I'm going to do it in mitered squares.  Before prying it out from under the dog, though, I had to find my needles.  I finally found them, in this project.

 It's an afghan square that I will finish tonight while watching the Olympics.  I started the afghan back in March or May and it was going to be  Christmas present, but this square kicked my hiney.  You can see the dirty grey stripe where I'd tinked that row about five times. I finally figured out there was an error in the pattern and managed to work out with a solution.  I sure hope that stain washes out. 

Speaking of tonight...we are in for some weather. 
We are in the green part-- the winter weather advisory area.  They are saying we could get some ice and snow accumulation.  Hopefully, we won't lose electricity.  If we do, I'll just go next door and hunker down in front of the fire place. 

I told Group Leader Fernando that if I didn't show up to work tomorrow, it's because I slid off the bridge and down into the creek below. 

(They've already sanded the bridge, so hopefully that won't happen.)

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