Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Chats On The Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty

1.  Who has the most outgoing personality in your family?

 Definitely not me, that's for sure.  It would have to be my sister.  She was always the perky chatterbox with lots of friends.  I'm practically a recluse. 

2.  How did you name your blog?

I held a contest, actually.  When I'd started it, I couldn't think of a name, so I just called it Sketches And More.  Dull, huh?  I wanted to rename it, but couldn't think of anything, so I held a contest.  Sus, who no longer blogs, came up with the name Fine Martial Fiber, reflecting the three passions of my life (at that time).  I was a fine artist, a martial artist, and a fiber artist. 

3.  What's your favorite topping for ice cream? 

Chocolate syrup-- either plain chocolate, or hot fudge will do.  

4.  Tell me about someone you know who would make a wonderful character for a book. Oops- please. 

My friend Dee.  She is an amazing person, with an engaging personality.  She is a school teacher and her kids say the darndest things.  She also runs marathons.  She hates to run, but started when her nephew was severely injured in a car wreck.  She has so impressed me that I wrote this post two years ago.  Run Josh Run!

5.  Please tell me up to three questions that you think I should ask on future farmhouse chats.

Hmm, this one is a little tougher, since I can't ever think of good things to ask.  How about:

A)  Name a favorite vacation memory
B)  Who or what inspires you?
C)  Have you ever had to have surgery?  If so, what kind (if it's not too personal to ask)

Well, that's it for this week's chat.   If you want to participate, head on over to Patrice's blog and join in the fun.

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Patrice said...

That's cool how you came up with your blog name. Dee sounds remarkable. Thanks for some fresh questions. Have a great week!


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