Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How To Buy An iPhone

How do you buy an iPhone?

Method 1:  Five days before product launch, buy a lawn chair and sleeping bag, and camp out for days in front of the Apple store.  Fight the crowds.  Pay $600 and walk out with a brand new iPhone.

Method 2:  Wait two years.  Go to the AT&T website.  Buy one for less than $100 and have a nice man in a brown truck bring it to you, and never leave the comfort of your own home.

I chose Method 2, and the end results are the same. I am the proud new owner of an iPhone 4S. 

I liked my Android phone, except for the memory issues, but when it came time for an upgrade, this iPhone just seemed to fit the bill.  The best part is, I could activate it online, so I didn't actually have to make a phone call!

Funny how someone with telephonophobia as bad as I have it still wants a cool phone.

Oh, and the first --the very first --app I downloaded was the Kindle app.  But of course.

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