Thursday, March 14, 2013

Not Much Going On

 I know some people say you shouldn't blog when you don't really have anything to say, but I have to.  I find that if I skip a day, then it becomes all that much easier to skip two days.  Then three.  Then four, and pretty soon I won't have a blog at all any more. 

So here I sit, just to be disciplined about blogging. 

I'm so sorry to bore you like this. 

To make up for it, I'll tell you a story...

We have a new supervisor at work.  Today is the first time I've really gotten to talk to him.  He told me that his dream job is to be a people greeter at Wal-mart when he is like 90 years old.  Yeah, that way he can pinch all the pretty girls on the bottom an totally get away with it, because nobody's going to say anything to an old man.

All right then...

I need to start taking more pictures again.  I kind of got away from it, because my old computer is so slow.  The old one with my camera program on it.  It is soooo slow. 

For some reason, the program won't install on my laptop, so that's not a solution.  I've been going through and backing up, then deleting a lot of photos to see if that will hopefully speed things up again. 

I know I'm just rambling, now, so I'll sign off and let you go on to more pleasant things. 

Thanks for bearing with me.

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