Monday, March 18, 2013

Training Trumps Trying

Nobody runs a marathon by accident.

That's what our guest preacher, Dr. Eric Pratt said in church Sunday.

Nobody runs a marathon by accident.  Nobody gets up one day and says "I think I'll try to run a marathon today", and then goes out and runs a marathon.

No, people who run marathons, they put in the hours of training.  They put in the miles.  They sacrifice other things to train.  You can try all you want, but unless you put in the training, you will fail.  Training trumps trying.

It's that way with our spiritual lives, too. We aren't inherently good.  We aren't inherently Christlike.  We have to work at it. Sometimes we fail.  But we have to train, and train some more.  Now, our salvation is by faith, not by works, but living a Christlike life takes work.  We have to put in the Bible Study.  We have to put in the prayer.  We have to work at living like He would want us to.  We don't just try to be Christlike, we have to train for it.

Because training trumps trying.

In other news, I have decided that I officially hate Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.  Every sock I've knit from the stuff-- whether it be from Supersocke or Sockittome Select-- has worn out in less than two years.  That's way too fast for the money I paid for what is supposed to be a high end sock yarn.  The El Cheapo stuff has lasted longer.

Yep, this morning I discovered a hole in the most recent pair I'd knit from it.  So, I've got one more pair OTN, but after that, no more socks from CTH.  I'll use all that stuff in my closet to do hats or scarves or something.  But no more socks.

Yesterday, I started some seeds in my seed tray.  Then I checked on them every hour to see if they'd sprouted yet.

I'm going to try putting them outside this year, so maybe they won't all die like they have in years past.  I'll just bring the tray inside if it is supposed to get below about 45'.  We shouldn't have too many more days of that, though.

I would have gone ahead and put them outside today, but we had some bad, bad storms blow through.  High winds, hail, and a tornado or two.  There was a semi truck blown off an over pass in Tupelo, and we had a tree snapped off and over some power lines on my road.  I know one of my friends still doesn't have power back.  I never lost power, thank goodness.

Buuuut, the roof at work leaks, and it drips right on my head.  It put me in mind of this old classic:

Because I'm freeeeeeee
Nothing's worrying meeeeee!

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Bag Blog said...

Yes, we need to train. We need to focus on the race and keep our eyes on the finish.


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