Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Night Of The Psycho Windchimes

Oh yeah, it got bad last night. 

I knew it would be as soon as I got out of work.  I thought the wind was going to blow me away.  And it only got worse as the evening went on.

Before long, it would become The Night Of The Psycho Windchimes.* 

I was keeping a pretty close eye on the radar, and when tornado warnings were issued for Leflore and Sunflower counties (just to the South and West of me), I decided it was time to abandon my mobile home for a sturdier building.

I went next door.

Aaaand after looking at the forecast for the rest of the night, I came home.  But just long enough to walk the dogs, brush my teeth, and get my nightgown. 

I was going to take my frou frou scarves to knit on, but I couldn't find them, so I just grabbed some yarn and cast on a new hat.

The yarn is Knit Picks Swish in the color Bordeaux.  The picture is from my camera phone because I was too lazy to go get my DSLR. 

I spent the night over there, and despite some kicking winds, the worst of it passed us.  There was a tornado touched down in Sardis, which is just North of us, but I haven't heard of too much damage here. 

Now I'm praying for my friends on the East coast, who are going through it tonight.

*Credit to my friend Michelle, who posted on her Facebook:  With these high winds, it sounds like I have psycho wind chimes out there.


Bag Blog said...

Glad you survived the bad weather to knit another hat :)

Becky G said...

Thanks, Lou. It got rough there for a while, but we're all OK.


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