Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear CoWorker

Just because I enjoy writing things down and I keep a journal doesn't mean I'm bi-polar.

Yes, I do get emotional at times.  Everyone gets emotional at times.  It's called being human.  That doesn't mean I'm bi-polar, either.

And do you really think I'm going to accept a mental health diagnosis from an factory worker who never went to so much as a junior college and doesn't even know what the word "manipulate" means? 

Seriously.  Get a grip.

Thank you.

That is all.


jasini said...

Ummm . . . what?

Why would writing things down be a sign of bi-polar?


Becky G said...

She's got some family members who are bi-polar, and journaling is part of their therapy. Therefore, in her simplistic view, everyone who keeps a journal must be bi-polar. I tried to explain that lots of counselors/psychiatrists use journaling as part of therapy, and that some people just like to write, but no, she insisted that everyone who writes is bi-polar. She even tried to tell me that I need to go to a doctor and get medication. Um, no, I don't think so.


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