Saturday, January 12, 2013

That's Not What He Said

Most of y'all already know that I work in a factory, and we are required to wear earplugs all day.  This often leads to some interesting misunderstandings.

So, they've started up Line 3 for the summer busy season, and they've mostly got temps manning it.  Today, they were looking all over for a brazing jig.

My group leader asked me if I'd seen it, and I said no.  "It's probably over there in the rack, just in the wrong spot.  If I go over and find it, do you think [the supervisor] will give me a bonus?"

"No, he'll probably just spank you."

"What?"  I said.  "He'll spank me?????"


"I said, 'He'll thank you.'" 

Yeah, it's been that kind of day. 

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Bag Blog said...

Toby and I both have poor hearing, but we have some interesting conversations.


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