Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lights, Bosses, and Koalas

I woke up this morning, somewhere in the 4:30ish hour, needing to go to the bathroom.  It was only 45 more minutes until I had to get up anyway, so I got this bright idea that, since I was awake, I'd turn the heater up to daytime temps.  That way, when it was time to get out of bed, the house would be nice and toasty warm. 

I ran in and turned the heater up, then snuggled back down in the bed to wait for the alarm to go off.

Somewhere in the 5:00ish hour, the electricity went out.

I lay there in bed, hoping it would come back on before I had to get up.

It didn't.

I got up and dragged Rylea around the yard, then pried Jesse out from under the bed and dragged him around the yard.  Jesse is a very nervous dog.  Anything out of the ordinary, anything out of the routine, and he's scared to death.  Just a simple act like turning the ceiling fan off sends him into hiding.

Needless to say, everything was out of the ordinary this morning, and he was being a little cling-on.

I brushed my hair and put on my makeup by lamplight, tripping over Jesse all the while.  Then, because I couldn't cook my usual oatmeal, I ate leftover sweet potato pie for breakfast.  And, I couldn't run the coffee maker or the microwave, so I tried to make coffee with hot tap water, hoping it would taste all right.

It didn't.

I sat there for a few more minutes, hoping the electricity would come back on so I could fix my hair, but it didn't.  I finally just pinned it all down to my head with clips.  By this time, the house was getting colder and colder, so I went to work a little early, because I was tired of sitting in the dark.

Once I got to work, my group leader Fernando was really starting to get on my nerves, so I set up my own little Fernando Free Zone.   I even made a sign.

It says

No Fernandos allowed beyond this point. 

I thought it was hilarious.  Fernando, not so much.

After I got home, thank goodness the electricity was back on.  I was flipping through the TV channels when I saw a scene that disturbed me greatly.  It was two koalas.  And they were fighting.

Fighting, y'all!

Fighting.  One was biting the other one, and the other one was scratching at the one, and I shouted, "STOP IT!!" at the TV.  Koalas aren't supposed to fight. They're supposed to be cute and cuddly, and little balls of snuggly fur.  They aren't supposed to fight. 

All my illusions have been shattered.

Speaking of shattered illusions, I'm laughing my hiney off at all the Obama supporters complaining of their taxes going up.  Seriously, people, the man ran his entire re-election campaign on the promise of raising taxes.

Or did you think he meant on everyone but you?

Elections have consequences, folks.  You voted for this.  We tried to warn you, but you didn't want to listen.  Instead, you just called us racists. 

So don't expect any sympathy from me. 

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