Friday, September 21, 2012

Things I Wish I Could Say Out Loud-- CoWorker Edition

1.  No, this isn't the next order.  I thought I'd randomly pick an order out of the schedule and do it.  It's much more fun that way, don't you think?

2.  No, I wasn't short on that order.  I thought I'd just quit working on it before I brazed the last two headers.   

3.  Why, yes I did braze just the one out of 240 wrong, after I'd brazed 239 correctly, of course.  I did that just to make your life interesting.

4.  Why yes, the other brazer and I are doing the same parts.  Because you know a large header with 10 adapter tubes and a small header with 4 adapter tubes are completely interchangable.

5.  Why thank you for putting my bin of completed work over on the conveyor for me.  Now could you go get it back so I can put this one last header assembly into it?

6.  Of course, I realize those adapter tubes are correct, because a quarter of an inch is well within the three one hundredths of an inch tolerance. 

And finally...

7.  Sarcastic?  Me?  No, because I really do love working here soooo much. 

(No, it hasn't been a rough week at work.  Whatever made you think that?) 

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