Friday, September 07, 2012

Getting Better

No, I didn't post yesterday. Mainly because I didn't do much yesterday but lay around and sleep. Not much worth talking about there, though I did dream my older brother had hair again.

But let's not talk about that, shall we?

I'm feeling a bit better today, even though I'm still pretty sore and swollen.  I think if I had a sit down job in a climate controlled environment, I might have been able to go back to work.  But standing on my feet all day in the relentless heat of the factory floor-- wasn't going to happen.

So what did I do all day?

First of all, I ungrafted my Arwen wrap, reknit a couple of rows, and regrafted it.

So, now it's finished for reals.

 And the rows all line up.  Or the columns.  Or whatever you want to call them.  Yes, there is still a slight pucker where I grafted the two halves, but I'm hoping that will relax when I wash and block it.

So, that's one more WIP to mark off the list.

Now, about that darn hat...

I'd started knitting it in the round, but when I got to the garter rib pattern, the yarn pooled terribly.  So much so that it almost didn't even look like the same yarn.  So I ripped it out, and re-did it in just straight 2 x 2 ribbing.

Only that time, the yarn started spiral striping. 

Which to my mind, wasn't any better than the pooling.  Plus, I really, really wanted to keep with the garter rib pattern.  So, what else was there to do?  I ripped it again, and started over-- this time knitting flat.  It's done much better this time. 

No, it's not my favorite way to knit a hat, but if I can keep the pattern without having all the pooling, hey, you just gotta do what you just gotta do.

We're expecting the first cool front of the year to blow through tonight.  Highs over the weekend are only supposed to get into the 80s.  That's the good thing about fall.  I'm so looking forward to cooler weather.

The bad thing is, my flower bed is starting to die.  Yeah, I knew it would happen.  It's still kind of sad to see them go. 

But the fun part is, I'm already planning next year's bed.  I've even started sketching out where I'm going to plant everything.

Now, if only I could find that darn notebook....

It's not like I don't have enough of them laying around.  Somewhere...

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