Sunday, September 02, 2012

It Seems So Long

It seems like it's been such a long time since I've posted, even though it was only day before yesterday.  Actually, this is the post you would have gotten yesterday, buuuuut....

Yesterday was the first Saturday of college football!  LSU and Texas, once again, played at the same time.  Well, pretty much all the games I wanted to watch were on at the same time, so I had to watch LSU and Texas play on the computer, while I had Alabama on the TV.

But before that, Navy played Notre Dame over in Ireland.  Oh, that was painful.  The Irish won 50-10.  Sigh...the funniest part was, an Irish (as in from Ireland, not associated with ND) sportscaster was interviewing an Irish (as in from Ireland, not associated with ND) fan.  Neither of them really knew anything about football, and some of the answers were hilarious.  As in, "An illegal formation is when you have two quarterbacks on the field."

On the other hand, some of the questions were pretty funny, too.  "What is unnecessary roughness?  I mean, it all seems kind of necessary to me."

The mail made me feel a little better, because I got a box.  And what was in that box, you may ask?  I'll tell you.  Better yet, I'll show you.

What was in that box was this:

It was on clearance, because I hate to pay postage for just one hank of yarn.  So, I threw this into the basket as well.

What I like best about it is that the table of contents has thumbnails.  Woo Hoo!  If I want a specific border, I don't have to flip through the entire book to find one that I like.

This is what I was really ordering, though.  This is the Imagination yarn in Gingerbread House to make the hat that matches my scarf.


And I threw this into the basket, too.  It's Swish worsted in Bordeaux.

I was a little disappointed, because when I'd bought the Swish Tonal last year, it was 100g hanks.  I expected it all to be the same, so I didn't even look at the size of these.  It's only 50g.  Still, it should be enough to get a hat out of it. 

While I was watching all those ball games, I finished my Arwen wrap and grafted the two halves together.

But after I'd finished, to my dismay, I discovered that somehow I'd gotten my grafting messed up and I was one stitch off.

I couldn't find any sign of a dropped stitch, so I figure it must be an omitted yarn over.  That means I have to pull all the grafting out, tink a couple of rows back on each side and rework it all.

No, my CDO will not allow me to leave it that way.

But my CDO will allow me to set it aside to fix another day.  So that's what I did.  I'll fool with it later.  Maybe next week when I've gotten my wisdom tooth out and have all those days off of work.  Or not.  I might be too stoned to do it then.  He he he...

In the meantime, I cast on my Gingerbread House hat.

 While I was in the store Saturday, I was looking at all the fall decoration stuff, and wishing I had sense enough to make some really pretty decorations with it. This is the kind of thing I usually end up with.


Oh, one more thing.  I'd picked up new candle in a lovely pumpkin pie scent.  After a few minutes, I decided not to buy it as I still have a couple of candles at home.  As I was returning the candle to the shelf...

Yes, I really did go there.  And out loud, too.

Everybody enjoy your Labor Day, and don't forget the empty chair. 


Bag Blog said...

We caught a bit of football on Saturday, but not a lot this weekend. The Irish game sounds like it was very funny.

I love "Young Frankenstein."

Becky G said...

When I was in the Navy, I brought Young Frankenstein in for us to watch on a mid watch. We quoted lines from that movie for a long time after that-- until we started transferring. It was a favorite of ours.


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