Tuesday, September 25, 2012

One Hit Wonder

They've got a day for just about everything these days.  The guy on the radio station I listen to in the mornings usually reads off whatever day it is that day.  They've had some really good ones.  International Talk Like A Pirate Day was fun.  National Chocolate Milkshake Day was, too. I always thought it was not a coincidence that National Chocolate Cupcake Day also falls on National Menopause Awareness Day. 

Each morning, I look forward to seeing what day it is that day. 

Today is National One Hit Wonder Day.

You know what a one hit wonder is, don't you?  It's a band or singer that had one hit, and only one hit. 

This is my absolute favorite one hit wonder, and their one hit:


Bag Blog said...

I had never heard that one hit wonder. I wonder why? It could be that it was hit during the years I was absorbed with babies.

Becky G said...

It could be, Lou. It came out in '85. I was still in college.


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