Monday, September 24, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. A man walks down the street in that hat, people are going to know he ain't afraid of nothing.

2. I've taken a break from my WIP list to knit a few charity hats.  It's getting to be about that time of the year.

3.  Greg Schiano has got to be the most unsportsmanlike coach ever.  Two weeks in a row, he's blown up Victory Formation.  Talk about a sore loser.  His excuse is, "Well, the game isn't over so we're not going to stop playing."  I wonder how he'd feel if the offense tried to score again on that last possession, instead of kneeling.  And I'm not talking about a piddly little running play just to eat the clock up.  I mean, really tried to score.  Would he whine about them running up the score?  I'll bet he would.

Total classlessness.

4.  These are not college kids, where you deal with them two or three years, then send them on their merry way, not having to worry about them again.  These are multimillion dollar investments. Let him knock a QB out for the season with that childish stunt of his, and see what happens.  Better yet, let someone blow up his Victory Formation and knock Josh Freeman out for the season.  The owner still has to pay him, even though he's on IR.  Schiano won't be keeping his job very long if that happens.

5.  There are many forms of stealing.  They don't all have to be breaking a car window and lifting a stereo, or robbing a gas station.  If you collect a paycheck for doing a job, but you aren't doing that job because you're too busy peddling purses all over your work place, you are stealing from your employer.  That is not pleasing to the Lord.  Or to your coworkers.

6.  The Cowboys O-line looks like a train wreck out there.  Special teams isn't much better.  Someone needs to block someone somewhere.  People want to lay losses all on Romo.  He can't complete passes laying on his back.

7.  Speaking of Tony Romo, he was knocked loopy in that game, much like Sean Lee was last week.  Last I checked, helmet to helmet was a 15 yard penalty.  So, let's start calling those before someone gets killed, mmmkay replacement refs?

8.  Speaking of replacement refs, did you see one of them threw his hat right under Ogletree's feet?  Ogletree slipped, and couldn't adjust his route to catch the pass.  Could have been the difference in the game-- especially if they'd gotten that fumble recovery for a touchdown call right for TB. 

9.  The Patriots-Ravens game was totally out of hand.  Many players are saying that they've lost all respect for the replacement refs.  Please, please, please get your differences settled and get The Hochtator back on the field.  As soon as possible.

10.  I'm a terrible pom pom maker. 

11.  If your job is to make sure certain parts, such as adapter tubes, are made correctly, hawking your very expensive purses, cakes, weight loss smoothies to a brazer while she is struggling to fit badly made parts into the brazing jig probably won't get you a sale.  

12.  Yeah, did you see Matt Schaub got part of his earlobe ripped off he got hit so hard?  And someone once told me that you don't see blood in football.  You'd have to be watching with your eyes closed not to see it.

Ummm, I guess that's it for today.



Bag Blog said...

I love the hat - you do amazing work.

Becky G said...

Thanks, Lou.


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