Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It Feels Like Fall

The first cold front of the season came through last night, and even though the official first day isn't until Saturday, it sure feels like Fall today. The leaves are starting to turn, and I've got spider lilies coming up all over the yard. It was cool enough that I was able to open the windows when I got home from work, and just chilly enough to make soup taste good. In case you haven't guessed, Fall is my favorite season of the year.

I've already started putting my decorations out...well, the wreath on my door anyway.

I was going to put them all out last weekend, but it was still so hot I just wasn't feeling it. I'm feeling it now, though.  My poor li'l wreath is looking pretty bedraggled.  It's about 10 years old, and many of the leaves have fallen off.  I'm thinking I may splurge and get me a new one. 

Funny story...when my younger brother was about 5, he learned what the word "splurge" meant.  So, when my mother would go grocery shopping and he saw something he wanted, he'd say, "Come on, Mama.. Splurge.  Splurge, Mama, splurge."  It usually worked, but then, he was the baby of the family.

In knitting news, I'm workin' on a sock:

You know, I think I want some hot chocolate. 

You're jealous.  You know you are. 

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Bag Blog said...

It was cool and windy this morning, but it got rather warm this afternoon. It has been more fallish, and I have been so glad.


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