Thursday, October 27, 2016


Another inventory day has come and gone...and though it may have seemed endless at the time, it's over for another year.  I had to laugh at the inventory noobs complaining about having to stay.  Back in the day, we had to go in at 5:00 and sometimes wouldn't get out until 8:00 or 9:00 at night.  One year, they kept us so late that the plant bought us supper.  So, yeah, those complaining about having to stay until 2:00 aren't getting a whole lot of sympathy from me.

Monday, the plant will be shut down so they can move some machines around, so I have a really long weekend.  Not as long as the people who didn't work inventory, but then I get a day's pay whereas they don't, so I'm not complaining.   The plan is to get my bedroom painted, and maybe go to Lowe's.
Why do I need to go to Lowe's?  That's the good news.  I found someone to dispose of that giant pile of concrete in my back yard.

I put out a call in a couple of the local groups on Facebook and someone answered.  We were discussing his fee when he said, "Have you ever thought of just having it buried in your yard?  It'll be a lot cheaper doing it that way."  I said, "Yeah, let's do that!"

Yesterday when he got done with whatever he was doing, he came by and looked at the concrete.  He said, "That's not as much as I thought it was."  He thinks it will only take an hour to bury it, so that'll be even less money.  Since he is already working in this area, he's going to waive the equipment mobilization fee and only charge me for labor.

First, he's going to call that number where they come out and mark all the underground lines and cables and stuff -- just to be on the safe side.  I know there's nothing where he wants to bury it, between my shed and the back fence, but he'd rather make the call than risk hitting something.  It usually takes them three days to get all that marking done, so it'll be Monday before they are finished.  He said maybe he can get to it Monday evening, he'll let me know.

I'll be so glad to get my back yard back!  That's the reason for the trip to Lowe's.  I'm going to get some of those paving stones to rebuild my patio.  I can probably do that cheaper than getting someone to come pour a slab.  Then I'll have my patio back!

Hmmm, I'm going to go to the Lowe's website and try to figure out how much it'll cost.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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