Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Not Much Going On

There hasn't been much going on here lately.  I have begun prepping my bathroom ceiling for painting.  By prepping, I mean patching the holes and gouges with drywall mud.  But mostly, prepping means convincing myself that my walls and ceilings will never look brand new, and that's OK.

I originally wasn't going to paint the ceiling, but one evening as I was relaxing in a hot bath, I noticed how very dirty it is.

Then I noticed that blue blotch where I'd inadvertently painted about two square inches of the ceiling.   So, it's getting painted.  And yes, Cyndye, I'm going to paint the vent cover, too.  See, I remember your comments from a year ago!

But I can't remember my own name half the time.  Go figure...

In sad news, Mike VI was taken in for a checkup, and his cancer is back.  The tumor in his head has begun growing again, and the cancer has spread.

The veterinary school will be monitoring him daily, and when it looks like his quality of life has gone, they will let him go.

Finally, we have Saturday off again, so this time, my long weekend really is a long weekend.  And yes, I double checked.  I really do have Friday off this time.

Not making that mistake again.

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