Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sons Of Liberty

I've stayed up late these last three nights watching Sons of Liberty on The History Channel.  Yes, they took a few liberties with history, but it was a pretty good story overall.  There were several moments when I was thinking, "Yeah, I don't remember it happening that way", but I did enjoy it.  My favorite part was the Boston Tea Party scene.  The part where Sam Adams was daring that British soldier to shoot him.  I could almost hear him saying, "Booyah!" 

Our country has such a rich and dynamic history, and I feel sorry for the kids coming out of school today.  They aren't taught true American history.  All they know about is slavery and killing Indians.  They don't even know the true story about those, either.   One day, when I've slept some, I might write a post discussing those very topics.  But for now, I'd just encourage you to watch my new movie. 

Well, not mine, per se, but you can buy or rend a copy and watch it. It has a good overview of those topics, and a few others.  He could have gone much more in depth, but then, it would end up being 12 hour movie.  

I also got this one, but I haven't watched it yet.  Maybe this weekend.  When I've slept.

Well, not only have I not slept, but right after work, I had to go get a tooth filled.  The cavity was under an old filling, so it was a pretty deep drilling job.  Now my tooth is a bit sore.  Not excessively, but just enough to be uncomfortable. 

I said I was going to bed at 6 tonight, but I haven't made it yet.  Soon, though.


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