Tuesday, January 06, 2015

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

I heard back from the mechanic, who finally had time to look at Jimmy.  He said I had a leak in my fuel injection system, and I needed a new spider.

A what?  No, sir, I do not need a spider!  Nobody needs a spider.  After I got off the phone, I googled it.  This is what he was talking about.

And I said, "Oh, that's what he's talking about.  Well, no wonder they call it a spider."

Anyway, I had a leak, and my engine wasn't getting any fuel.  That's why it wouldn't start.  It makes sense, too, because for the last few months, I've had to really pump the gas hard to get my engine to start.  Maybe it's been leaking for a while, and the leak finally got so big I couldn't start the Jimmy at all.

The good news is, he can replace that and it should be fine.  The bad news is, it's a $600-$700 job.  I nearly choked when he told me that, but I said to go ahead and get it done.  I've got to have a vehicle.  Maybe I can get another year or two out of this Jimmy, and get my debts paid down a bit more before having to invest in a new car. 

Good thing the plant gave us all those beans and rice.  It may be all I have to eat for the next two months.

 I'm just glad this happened at the beginning of overtime season, and not at the start of 4 day work week season. So at least that's good news. 

I've been knitting on this here hideous scarf for quite a while now.

"Oh, no!" you may say!  "That is a lovely scarf."

You only say that because you aren't the one knitting it.  In mohair.  Hideous!

I'm thinking, without looking it up, I've been working on it for at least two years.  Last night, I thought I had it finished.  I was so excited, ready to start the 6 row garter stitch border.  But, it seemed kinda short to me.  I figured I'd better count and make sure I had done enough pattern repeats.

Drat!  I hadn't.  Kinda bummed about that, but it really did need some more length to it.  I'm determined to get it finished this week.

On that note, I'm off to knit a couple more rows.


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Amy Bradford said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you've been working on that scarf for at least two years, too. Hope you finish it soon.


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