Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lovely Lace

I stayed up last night to watch the ball game.  Well, I didn't make it through the whole game.  I went to bed halfway through the third quarter, but it was still way past my bedtime.  Ohio State seemed to have the game well in hand by then, so I bid them good night and went on to bed.

College football is losing me, I'm afraid.  Too much politics involved. 

Everyone was all excited about this new playoff system, but to me, it's not really much better than it was before.  I mean, it's 13 men picking their favorite teams.  I just don't understand how that is any more fair than the old BCS system.  No matter what happens, there are going to be teams that felt that they should have been included but weren't.  Like TCU and Baylor for example.  Why were the three one loss teams chosen over them, especially after the whalloping TCU put on Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl? 

Personally, I think we ought to just completely dispense with the idea of a college national championship.  College football isn't the same as pro, and we should stop trying to make it so.  The job of colleges is to educate young people, not to entertain old people.  I know some may object, pointing out that college athletes can just play pro sports and make millions of dollars.  The fact of the matter is that only some 20% of college athletes make it to the pros, and of them, at least half are no longer playing after 5 years.  (I heard that on an episode of Talkin' Cowboys, just in case you are wondering what my source is.)

Professional sports is a business.  College sports shouldn't be. 

Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, here is a photo of my now blocked Traveling Roses lace scarf.

The yarn is Knit Picks Aloft in the colorway Blush.  I think the color is why I had such a hard time knitting this.  I couldn't see it unless I sat under a bright light, took my glasses off, and held it really close to my face.   Without my glasses, I couldn't watch TV, so that meant that if there was something I wanted to watch, this was not a viable project.   Nevertheless, it is done now, and well worth the effort.  But I won't do it again.  Not with that yarn, at least.

This is the next project I've picked back up. 

The pattern is Fruit Of The Vine, and the yarn is Knit Picks ...something or other.  I don't remember, but it doesn't matter because it's been discontinued anyway.  I'm having a much easier time with this one.  Probably because I can see the yarn. 

That always helps. 

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