Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Wedding

Beverly's granddaughter Shelbi got married today.  Naturally, I went to the wedding.

Well, maybe not so naturally, because the last wedding I went to was my own.  Twenty years ago.  Times sure have changed since I got married.  I felt so out of place.

I mean, I took a shower.

I wore a dress.  (And was told I clean up nice for a white girl.)

I took my hat off.

I left my phone in the car.

I was a bit overdressed.   Apparently, these days, t-shirts and jeans are acceptable wedding attire.  And hats.  And cell phones. 

Be that as it may, it was still a very nice ceremony, even though it was not in Klingon.

Or Sindarin.

Or The Black Speech of Mordor.

Or Old High Gallifreyan.    Just plain old English.

And I didn't check the score of the ball game.

Well, not until I got to the reception, anyway.   (Got to get a handle on those turnovers, Boys!)

After which they did not release The Kraken.

But during which, I was told-- once again-- that one day I would meet Mr. Right.  And when that happens, I can have the wedding of my dreams.

Now, if you will excuse me, I've got some translating and Kraken hunting to do.  

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