Friday, August 02, 2013

A Day At The Museum

No, nothing came to life.

I'd been wanting to go for a while.  I even took a day last week to go, but GLF begged me to cancel it.  Well, they gave us a long weekend, so today I finally went.  Where?

To the Mississippi Museum of Art.

I got up and headed out with my handwritten instructions that I got from the website.  Turns out they weren't very good.  Add to that the fact that the road I needed to turn on was closed due to construction, so  I ended up having to eschew my Luddite ways and use my GPS to find the place.  But find it I did.  Finally. 

Once I got there, though, I really enjoyed the exhibit.  We weren't allowed to take photos, so I downloaded a few of the paintings they had there to show you.

I think this was one of my favorites.  

Duchesse de Polignac Wearing A Straw Hat, by Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun

Jane Avril Leaving The Moulin Rouge, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

There were two Monets

The Beach At Trouville

Nympheas (Water Lilies)

Monet did several paintings of water lilies.  It seems that it was one of his favorite topics.

And here we see Monet himself, as painted by his friend Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

There were, of course, other people in the museum, too.  There was one woman who had a teenage girl there with her.  Not sure if it was her mother or grandmother.  The older woman looked to be in her mid to late 50s, and the girl looked about 14, so I'm thinking grandmother.

You could tell the poor girl didn't want to be there, but the woman had apparently dragged her there to educate her.  The older woman was reading all the placards out loud to the girl, and I do mean out LOUD.  You could hear her bellowing all over the gallery.  The poor girl was simply mortified by the older woman's behavior, and was trying to stand as far away as she could without getting into trouble.

And naturally this woman knew absolutely everything about art.   She was acting like she was such an expert, but was feeding that poor girl a load of crock.  She was really getting on my nerves, but I nearly lost it completely when she bellowed

Yep, that's a Ree-nore.  I thought it looked like Ree-nore.

Yeah, an art expert who can't even pronounce Renoir. 

Before I left, I spent a few minutes sitting with Vincent.

Whovians will understand.

There were many, many more paintings than I have showed you here, but I couldn't put them all into the post.  Also in the museum was a display of absolutely gorgeous quilts, some Native American pottery, and paintings and photos about Mississippi, and the people of the state.

It was a very enjoyable trip, even though it was freezing in there.

After I left, I went by Bass Pro Shops, and was going to go to the mall, but it seemed that everyone in Jackson was also headed to the mall.  So, I just filled up my gas tank and came on home. 

And that's how I spent my day off. 

They said at work that we'd completed our schedule for the week.  I hope it's not this second housing bubble bursting.  I'm not sure I can make it through another 5 years of 4 day work weeks. 

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