Thursday, April 11, 2013

What Do People Talk About?

I'm not really a very good conversationalist.  I never know what to talk about.  I've asked some of my chatty friends what they talk to people about, and they tell me, "Oh, talk about anything.  Talk about the weather.  Talk about your kids.  Just talk about anything."

But I've found that you can only say, "Hot enough for you?" so many times before people start wanting to strangle you.  And the whole talking about your kids thing doesn't really work for me.  I find that most people would rather talk about their own kids than hear about mine.

So I stand there and watch people chatting away, talking to each other, while I retreat inside my head and tell myself

Dernt Blernk


That's what people CHEW!!

over and over and over...

Nobody gets it.  Nobody gets me

I was pondering this yesterday when the following words popped into my head.

My World

I live in a world inside my head
With many, many paths to tread
Twists and turns and winding roads.
At times I end up far from home.

If you love me; if you care
Help me find my way from here.
Better yet, come fly with me
For here, with you, I will be free.

Be my anchor, be my guide.
Believe in me and I will fly.
Be my courage, be my strength
And there's no limit to my reach.

Hold my hand, hold my heart
Promise me we'll never part.
Through twists, through turns, through winding roads
I'll finally find my way back home.

P.S. If it's dumb, don't tell me. I don't want to know.


Tammy said...

I get you! I wish we could sit and chat... or just stare at our yarn in an unawkward silence. ;)

Becky G said...

I do, too. It's so nice to be around people who understand.


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