Saturday, April 06, 2013


A couple of months ago, I started taking cartoons to work, and posting them in my work area.

I didn't mean for it to become a regular thing.  I just saw a few that were funny and wanted to share them.  Now, though, if I go too long without posting one, people start asking me about them. 

Where's the cartoon?  Why haven't you brought a cartoon?

Vanessa, the other brazer on my line, told me that people need that little pick me up.  So, I keep doing it.  If it makes someones day just a little less dreary, then I feel like I've done some good in this world. 


there are some people that --and I hate to be ugly-- but I really wish they wouldn't read them.  Reason?  I get tired of having to explain what the dadgum cartoon means! 

Take this one, for example:

And as a playful jab at my group leader, Fernando, I penned the following below it:

Of course, he got it right away.  Told me he was going to have to keep his good eye on me. 

But this other person..."What does that mean?  Who does she have in mind?"  Vanessa, because she has more patience with stupid people than I do, explained it to this other person,

Who then turned to me and asked, "Fernando is stubborn?"

Shocked and incredulous, I could only stare in disbelief and blurt out,

"Have you met the man?"

Now, don't get me wrong, Fernando is a good guy, and as far as group leaders go, he's probably the best one in the plant.  But he does have a tendency to be...shall we say, tenacious?.  Yeah, let's go with tenacious. 

It means stubborn, but sounds nicer.

He does have his weaknesses, though.  He was trying to get the higher ups to let Vanessa and me come in early all next week, but they told him that only one of us could come in.

Back in the day, we wouldn't have had to worry about that kind of nonsense.  We could get all the overtime we wanted and nobody said anything.  Not so much any more.  New management, you know.

So, he told me that we would alternate days.  He said he tried, but they just wouldn't give.

"You should have blue eyes, like me," I told him.  And I whipped off my brazing glasses and gave him The Look.

"Yeah," he said.  "That would do it." 

I know.  I get away with a lot out there...

But we can't do him like we used to do Greg.  He would tell us to come in at 6, and we would just keep on coming in at 6.  It would take him about three weeks to catch on.

"Who told you to come in at 6?"

"You did, Greg," I would say.

"That was just that one day!"  He'd say, and I'd respond, "Oh, we thought you meant until further notice", while giving him The Look.

A few days later,   "Greg, we're really behind.  We really need to come in at 6 in the morning", and same song, second verse.  We did him that way the whole summer that year. 

But Fernando is a little bit sharper than Greg was.  I don't think we could get away with something like that with him.

On the other hand...

The Look is a powerful weapon in the hands of the right woman. 

I should know.  


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