Sunday, June 03, 2012

Yes Indeedy

I have been gardening.

The petunias are looking lovely as ever.

The things I planted in the beds are coming on, but it's June now, and I'm ready to see some flowers!

You hear that, little plants?  Flowers!!  I want flowers!  NOW!  

Funny thing is, most of this stuff I have no idea what it is.  OK, I know what the little gold flower is because I bought that one, but the rest of it...

The stuff that looks like grass is.. well the stuff that looks like tall grass is the Blazing Stars that I didn't really want.  The short stuff that looks like grass

That thing on the left, I have no idea what it is.  That's the problem with planting a wildflower mix.  I don't know what stuff is.  I know, it's supposed to be a surprise, but still...Oh, the thing right above the marigold is a four o'clock.  I'm pretty sure. 

I know what these are, too.  They are my purple coneflowers. 

I bought some little white picket fencing stuff to put around them, but I got back into the house without taking a picture of it. 

Here, you can see I've started pulling the grass up, now that my plants are getting big enough that I can tell what I want to keep, and what I don't. I got a lot done yesterday when I was cool outside, but today it's right back to being hot.  No, I still don't know what most of it is, but it's big enough that I can tell what is a real plant and what is grass.

  Speaking of, I still have no idea what this is. 

I thought it was morning glory, and it might still be a wild type of morning glory.  I'm beginning to think it was something that fell out of my birdfeeder years ago. 

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I was walking through my front yard and saw these:

Two more little Lily of the Valley trying to come up.

Now, of course, they are safely tucked into the front bed with the rest of them. 

And that's my gardening update for today.

I know I promised some of you a cross stitch update, but I don't want to talk about it.  Let's just say, it involves undoing three days worth of work. 

I really don't want to talk about it. 



Bag Blog said...

I wish the flower fairies would show up and just take care of my yard.

Becky G said...

Oh, that would be nice! Have them bring the weeding fairies with them.


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