Monday, June 18, 2012

New Flowers

Back a few months ago, I subscribed to the new NFL magazine.   Last week, I got a letter saying that the magazine was being discontinued, and the rest of my subscription was going to be refunded to me.  Enclosed was a check for that refund.

Suddenly finding myself $30 richer, what did I do?  I went and bought flowers.

You know, to replace all the poke salad I'd been raising in my garden.

I bought scaevola.


More marigolds

Purple coneflower

More zinnias

And still more zinnias

I've decided that I like zinnias very much.  I could have a whole bed of just zinnias.  Tall zinnias in the back.  Medium sized zinnias in the middle.  Short zinnias in the front.  I may just do that, next year.

Well, despite the heat, I got everything safely tucked in to the flower beds.

The next step is to get some mulch down. 

Oh, and I finally figured out what these things are.  Once the blooms had opened, a quick internet search revealed that they are my Cosmos.

I'm not so sure I like them.  I'll just have to wait and see. 

The zinnias are definitely a keeper though.


Bag Blog said...

Your flowers are looking lovely. We did not do any garden or flowers this year. With the rain we have had, it would have been a good year for a garden.

Becky G said...

Thanks, Lou. It's been pretty dry here. I've had to do a lot of watering.


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