Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Bud!

I have a bud on one of my zinnias!

This is one I planted myself, so that makes it doubly exciting.

I also found a little skink that has been hanging around.  OK, it's not a toad, but they do eat bugs and such.  I found one website that says they eat slugs, too.  So I want to keep him.

In an attempt to keep him hanging around, I found a couple of my old snake hides that my snakes have outgrown, and put them in strategic places in my flower bed. 

If he has safe places to hide, maybe he'll stick around.

 In the meantime, the blankety blank cross stitch is back on track, and coming along right nicely.

If this keeps up, I might have to drop the blankety blank, and just call it The Cross Stitch from now on. I just have to finish the Fleur-di-lis, do the S and the A, and a star to mark New Orleans, then I'm going to just outline the shape of Louisiana and fill it in.  No more referring to the pattern!  That'll make it a lot easier.

Speaking of patterns, I I think I would have done better if I'd shopped around and found one professionally drawn.  This one isn't the greatest.  Someone just lifted a graphic off the internet and plugged it into an unregistered chart generating program.  It doesn't seem like she proofread it or anything.  I've done a bit of tinkering already, and probably should have done more.  If I had more time, I would, but I don't.  Anyway, this is the picture Shelbi wanted, so that's what I'm doing..  

Squeaky says, "I know you ain't puttin' no New Orleans Saints thing in my house!

Oh, for charity?  That's OK, then.  Carry on.  But don't forget my scritches."

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