Thursday, June 28, 2012

Something's Wrong

With my marigolds. Not all of them-- just the last 4 I planted.  They're all turning yellow and dying.

I don't know why. 

Maybe I planted them too late in the year.  The ones I planted earlier are doing OK.  It's just these last few that are dying.I had one in a pot, and it was doing fine until I put it into the ground.  Now it's completely dead. 

Maybe the slugs have found them again.  Slugs love marigolds, and nearly killed the first ones I planted. 

James wants me to move this one from the garden into my flower bed, but I don't really think I should. 

As hot and dry as it's been, I think it's best just to leave it where it is.

I finally remembered I have a bed in the front yard, too, and watered it really well.  

It's perked up a bit, but still looks pretty pathetic.

The heat is just unreal.  It's sapping the life out of everything, including me.  It's so hot, I don't even let the dogs go out for very long. 

It makes me wonder how our ancestors survived.  They were made of tougher stuff than I am, that's for sure.


Bag Blog said...

I always thought marigolds were for planting near tomatoes since they help keep the bugs away. But I don't really know much about flowers or veggies other than I like them.

Becky G said...

They do that, too. We have some planted amongst our tomatoes, too. But I like them just because they look nice, and are easy to grow.


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