Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Work In Progress

Normally, Wednesday is the day I give my WIP update, but since the only think I've been working on lately is the blankety blank cross stitch, it's all I have to report on.

Here it is:

It's getting there.  I still have to fill in the white outline of the Fleur-di-lis, put a star for New Orleans, and fill in the rest of Louisiana and I'm done. 

What?  Another S?  Where? 

Looks fine to me just the way it is.

Snicker snort.


Bag Blog said...

Did I blog about my cousin from Louisiana telling me I should put the Fleur-di-lis on some pottery? Well, I thought she said "Florida leafs". After much conversation, I finally asked her what was a Florida leaf. Yep, she laughed at me for a long time.

Becky G said...

LOL! I've been there too many times myself. I had a lady at work one time say, "I need some chitlins"...only she didn't say chitlins, she said chocolate.


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