Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Kindle Is Watching You

Ever since I got my Kindle last spring, I've wanted to take it to work with me, so I can read on my lunch break.  However, working in a factory, I was kinda scared to do that.  What if it got broken or stolen?

But then, I figured out something.  I went to, downloaded the Kindle app to my phone, then a book to my Kindle app on my phone.  Yay!  I could read at work!

Thanks to a tip from a friend, when I got home yesterday evening, I was able to sync my Kindle to the same page I left off on the phone app.  I was rolling.  What I wasn't sure of, though, was how to sync my phone app to the Kindle.

At lunch today, I opened the app, all prepared to flick through the until I got to where I'd left off last night when I was greeted with a message that said
You read to page such and such on the device called Becky's Kindle last night at such and such o'clock.  Would you like to go to that page now?

Cool!  And a little scary.  My Kindle is watching me.

But the good news is I can read on my lunch break at work, now!  Without having to worry about the Kindle getting broken, or a book getting torn or grease stained.

Books.  You remember those.  The bulky things with the weird paper pages.


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