Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ah, Springtime...

A few years ago, I bought a begonia on clearance at Wal-Mart.  The tag said that they are easy to care for, and that's what I needed.  Well, despite my best efforts, in a few weeks, the begonia had died.

I used to have flower beds, back when I worked on second shift.  I could get up in the mornings, and work in them before it got so hot.  When I got moved to day shift, though, by the time I got home, it was too hot and I was too tired to care.  So, I let them go.

Lately, I've been bitten by the gardening bug again.  This time around, however, I decided to go with annuals instead of perennials.  That way, if I decide once again that gardening just isn't for me, it won't be like I've made a long term commitment to a plant.

You know how I feel about this whole long term commitment thing.   It's the main reason I'm not married.

A lot of people were posting on FB about that TV show The Bachelor.  I've never seen an entire episode, but I have seen parts of shows, and plenty of previews.  To me, the whole idea of going on a reality TV show to try to find love is just pathetic.  It makes me feel a whole lot better about my love life.

I could have a love life, if I really wanted one.  I may not be stunningly gorgeous, or have ginormous bazonkers, but I am beatin' 'em off with a stick-- in some cases, literally.

Like today, I was at work, brazing away, when one of my coworkers bumped into me.  It's very crowded where I work, and this happens a lot.  I turned around and jokingly said, "Are you trying to snuggle up to my backside?"

To which he replied, "I'd rather snuggle up to your front side."  And I said, "But my front side is where the fire is."  And he...

Um, let's just leave that one alone, OK?  This is a family blog, you know.

Now, where were we...supposed to be talking about flower gardens, yes...So, this time around, I decided I'd go with annuals.  I was looking through my Burpee's catalog, in the annuals section, when there they were.  Begonias.

Huh?  Begonias are annuals?  No wonder mine died.

In the past, I'd never had much luck starting plants from seeds.  They'd do fine for a week or two, then all of a sudden they'd just die.  I never knew why.  But, seeing as how I really wanted to get started on my flower beds, and this early in the year there's still the chance of a late frost, I decided to take another stab at it.  So, after work today, I went out to Wal-mart and bought a Jiffy Greenhouse thingy

And a few packets of seeds. 

I got Zinnias, Petunias, Four 'O Clocks, and Cosmos.  I figured, "eh, why not?"  If they grow, great.  If not, Wal-mart will have flats of Petunias out later on anyway.  Probably Zinnias, too.  I'll just get some of them.

So, I took them home and got most of the seeds planted. 

At first, I didn't think I'd need all those starter pot thingys, but as it turns out, I needed more.  I've still got some Zinnia and Cosmos seeds left. I don't know if I want to get another greenhouse thingy, or just wait and plant them in the yard.

If James ever gets the garden spot plowed up, and the electric fence around it, I'm going to ask for a little corner of that to put my flowers in.

But I won't be saying, "Might I have a bit of earth?".

He'd look at me like I was nuts.


Bag Blog said...

My mom bought me a bunch of begonias one year saying they were easy to grow - I had the same luck as you did.

Those reality love shows are not about finding love; they are about winning money and fame.

Love the shawls - will be great when they are done.

Becky said...

I seem to have inherited my mother's black thumb. My brother, on the other hand, can grow anything. He once grew some tomatoes in the ditch from seeds that had fallen out of the trash can. The sprouted there, and he tended them. Best tomatoes I ever ate.


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