Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Glasses

But first, let me do a WIP update, since it's been about 3 weeks since I've posted one. I'm going to try something different this time.  I'm going to bump the ones I actually worked on to the top of the list.  Maybe I won't lose you so quickly then. 

1.  Charity Scarf:  I've been working on this one some.

2.  Arwen Wrap:  and I worked a bit on this one, too.

3.  The 2010 Anniversary Mystery Shawl.  I did a few rounds on this. 

4.  2011 Anniversary Mystery Shawl.  But they all got set aside to finish up this one.  I've finally picked it back up, and made it a priority.  I finished chart 4 and have started chart 5.  There aren't that many rows left, but they are sooo long at this point that I only get a couple of rows a day finished.

5. Conwy sock:  No progress this week

6. Traveling Roses Scarf: No progress this week.

7. Garter Rib Scarf: No progress.

8. Fruit Of The Vine  scarf: Ditto.

9. Orkney Pi Shawl:  No progress

10.  Leper bandage: This is my new waiting project.  When I'm on my excruciatingly slow desktop and I'm waiting 20 years for a page to load, I pick it up and knit a row or two. 

11 & 12. The two sock yarn blankies. No new squares this week.

I took half a day off yesterday to go to the eye doctor.  He said my prescription hasn't changed, but he did give me a slightly stronger bifocal spot.  He said most people will just pull their glasses off to read, but I need to be able to see my lace and the TV at the same time.  And besides, it's been 2 1/2 years since I've gotten new glasses anyway, so might as well get ones that I can see through. 

I was disappointed, as usual, in the frame styles.  Most are tiny little coke bottle cap sized frames, and I can't stand them.  I've been hoping that bigger frames will come back into style, but so far, no luck.  I'm stuck peering through peephole sized lenses for a little while longer.

Well, somehow I thought I'd have more to say about that...

I love taking half days off--really even more than whole days.  There's just something about slinging my tool bag over my shoulder and walking out at lunch time.  I really ought to do that more often.


Bag Blog said...

I always love your WIP. They look so soft and lacy.

Patti said...

Oh I dunno, whole days off are pretty good too: I took Tuesday off this week for a mid-morning dental appt, and took the rest of the day off as well for a "mental health day" to get my taxes done (*groan*) and run a few errands. Dental & Mental, LOL. Plus a mid-week break like that makes the rest of the week go by faster ;)

Becky said...

Thanks, Lou.

Yeah, whole days off are nice, but there's just something about walking out in the middle of the day, then going home and doing nothing for the rest of it.

whimzeenator said...

Oh my word, woman! I think you need another UFO!!! :P

Becky said...

Oh boy! Does that mean I can cast on something new???


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