Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Blues

Part of the reason you no longer get witty and entertaining blog posts is because my computer has gotten so frustratingly slow.  I've done all the tricks-- defragging, clearing cache and cookies, etc, etc., but it hasn't helped.  So, by the time I get the page opened up and everything, I'm so aggravated that whatever it was I wanted to post about has long since fled my conscious.

I've got some pretty good stuff rolling around in my head, too.  I still haven't forgotten that book review, even though I've read two more books since then.

I've got one about a meme I've been seeing on FB, and one about judging people.

But for right now, you've just got to settle for some football talk-- and a music video at the end.

You know the Colts cut Peyton Manning, right?  Well, it seems he has finally settled on a team, the Denver Broncos.  Now the Broncos are looking to trade Tim Tebow.   I'm no expert, but this seems like a bad move to me.  After all, Peyton is getting on up there.  He'll be 36 on Saturday, which in football years is like 70.  Plus, he's had this neck thing going on that kept him out of the entire 2011 season.  There's no guarantee he'll be able to play again at all, much less up to the level he was playing before.

The good news is, Matt Flynn has signed with the Seahawks where he will compete with Tavaris Jackson for the starting job.  Matt is probably the most under rated QB in recent history.  The Packers didn't draft him until the 7th round, but by the end of training camp his rookie year, he'd beaten out second round pick Brian Brohm for the #2 spot.  By the end of the next training camp, the Pack cut Brohm.  They didn't need him.  They had Flynn.  Though he's only gotten two starts, he nearly pulled off the upset of the Patriots in 2010, and this past season he threw for 6 touchdowns in the season finale against the Detroit Lions.

And everybody forgets that he did win a National Championship when he was at LSU.

Yeah, I think he'll be OK.

Finally, the Cowboys have signed Kyle Orton to back up Tony Romo after Jon Kitna announced his retirement.  And the fans are once again displaying their stupidity in all its glory.  "Finally, someone to light a fire under Romo."  Morons.  Are you so ignorant of the game that you really think Romo needs someone to push him? Come on, the man played nearly an entire game with a punctured lung.  If that isn't enough fire for you, then there's no pleasing you. 

Another one that gets me is, "Come on, Jerry, loosen up the purse strings a little".  Dummy.  Don't you know there is such a thing as a salary cap?  Jerry can't loosen up the purse strings any more.  Especially not after Goodell slapped that $10 million fine on them for breaking a rule that wasn't a rule back when he broke it.  Besides that, the league approved every single contract during that uncapped year, and now, two years later, they want to say, "Oh no, you shouldn't have done what we said you could do."  So the other 30 teams (the Redskins were also slapped with a similar fine) get to share that money.  Even though they did the same thing and weren't penalized for it.

Sheesh, who needs reality TV when you have football?


Bag Blog said...

You know me. I will watch football, but it is not my passion.

Becky said...

Yeah, I feel the same way about baseball. I can watch it, but it isn't my passion. Basketball and hockey I can't stand, and golf is just about as exciting as watching paint dry.


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