Wednesday, March 07, 2012

WIPs on Wednesday

Tonight, a semi- local (Tupelo area) restaurant is going to be featured on the Food Network show Restaurant Impossible.  I'm looking forward to watching it, so today's blog post is going to be a quickie.  It may not seem quick, but most of it is copied and pasted from last week anyway.  I don't have a whole heck of a lot of progress to report as it is, because most of my time has been taken up with a stealth project. 

1.   Conwy sock:  No progress this week

2.  Traveling Roses Scarf: No progress this week.

3.  Arwen Wrap:  I got a few rows done this week, but not enough to show up in a photo.

4. Garter Rib Scarf: No progress.

5.  The 2010 Anniversary Mystery Shawl.  No progress this week. 

6.  2011 Anniversary Mystery Shawl.  No progress this week...

7.    Fruit Of The Vine  scarf: Ditto.

8.  Orkney Pi Shawl:  No progress

9.  Another Charity Scarf:  It's been whispering my name for several days.  Well, the whisper got loud enough that I attached a second ball of yarn and knit a few rows. 

10.  Leper bandage: This is my new waiting project.  When I'm on my excruciatingly slow desktop and I'm waiting 20 years for a page to load, I pick it up and knit a row or two. 

11 & 12.  The two sock yarn blankies. No new squares this week.

Wanna hear something funny?  I was watching reruns of Cake Boss on Netflix streaming, and they were all in Italy.  Well, the wives went shopping, and one of them picked out a swimsuit for her husband.  It was red and had a little izod alligator on it. 

My first thought when I saw it was, "She went all the way to Italy to buy him a Florida Gator swimsuit?" 

Yeah, I watch too much football. 

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