Wednesday, January 04, 2012

One Down!!

I have transformed the first WIP into an FO!

It still needs blocked, but the Braided Cable Tam is finished.

I can strike one off of the list!

1.  Charity scarf--simple garter stitch in Bernat Boa. For a cancer center.

2.  Bubble Wrap sock:  The yarn is Knit Picks Imagination in Pixie Dust, which I believe has been discontinued. I got the first one done, and the pair fell victim to Second Sock Syndrome.

3.  Conwy sock:  From the book Knitting On The Road by Nancy Bush. This one has not fallen victim to Second Sock Syndrome.  I still haven't finished the first sock.

4.  Traveling Roses Scarf:  in Knit Picks Aloft in Blush.  (I tried to find the link on the web, but apparently the PDF file has been taken down.)

5.  Arwen Wrap:  Designed by my friend Tabitha.  This is the one the cat gakked up a hairball on.  It got put aside after that.  Good thing I'm using superwash yarn.

6.  Hurricane Hat:  I actually just started this one, so I almost didn't count it.  But it is a WIP after all. 

7.  Sport Weight Sock:  No pattern, just basic sock construction. 

8.  Garter Rib Scarf:  This one has been my traveling project.  I don't do a lot of traveling, which is why it is still not finished.  But I'm ready to get it done now.  The yarn is Knit Picks Imagination in Gingerbread House.

9.  The 2010 Anniversary Mystery Shawl.  Which I still haven't finished. 

10.  Followed closely by the 2011 Anniversary Mystery Shawl.  I detect a pattern here...

11.  A Sock:  What you don't see here is that Jesse got ahold of the yarn cake and it is now a tangled mess.  At this point, it's probably going to be easier to just rip and start over. 

12.  Fruit Of The Vine scarf:  I think the yarn is Knitpicks Gloss Lace, but I'm not really sure.  It was some I had left over from doing a larger project.  Still, I think there is enough to make a good size scarf here.

13.  Orkney Pi Shawl:  In Knitpicks Shimmer in Spice.  I actually paid for this pattern, so I'd better get this one done!+

14.  Another Charity Scarf:  This is yarn Kristen sent to me.  The only name on the label is Dardo. 

15.  Braided Cable Tam: Completed!!

These next three are really more ongoing projects, so they don't really count as WIPs, but I'm showing you them anyway.

16.  Leper bandage: 

17 & 18.  The two sock yarn blankies. 

So, there is my first WIP update. I'm going to update at least once a week, or more often if I get something finished.  I think it'll be fun watching the list get shorter and shorter.  Of course, the temptation is to cast on something new the minute I get something finished, but hopefully, I'll be able to keep it under control.  I will keep at least one hat going, though, so once I finish the hurricane hat, don't be surprised if you see me cast on a new hat. 

It just has to be knit from stash yarn.  No more buying. 

For now. 


Bag Blog said...

How cool is that braided hat!

Becky said...

Thanks, Lou. Yeah, it's a pretty fun knit.


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