Friday, January 20, 2012

Can I Curl Up And Whimper Now?

OK, so I come home after a particularly odious day at work -- which does not really figure into this story-- to find that Jesse had, yes really, jumped up right in the middle of my bed and peed.  Seriously.  In my bed

Boy, he's lucky I just spent all that money getting his heartworms cleared up or he might not have seen the light of another morning.  So out comes the dog crate again, and off comes the bedding.  Everything. 

I'm just glad I had one of those big plastic bags on my mattress, for allergies, you know.  It kept the mattress from getting soaked. 

I ran one load through the washer, but midway through the second load, I hear a huge crash.  It sounded like the washer had fallen over.  It hadn't fallen over, but the drain hose had come loose and water was coming out of the bottom and flooding my kitchen floor.

Now, under normal circumstances, I'm just about the biggest hermit on the planet.  If the phone rings twice in the same week, I complain that it's "ringing off the hook".  And no one ever comes to my house.  Ever. 

But the minute my washer breaks and water starts going everywhere, the phone rings and someone knocks on the door.  At almost exactly the same time.  On top of that, all the water I'd drank at work decided at that very moment it just had to come out.  Right then.  Figures.

How in the world does everything know to happen all at the same time? 

I called James and he came over after he got off work, looked at my washer, and pronounced it dead.  So, tomorrow I'm off to buy a new washer, which I can't really afford.  But I gotta have one.  A couple of people have suggested Lowe's.  The closest one is in Batesville, so I reckon I'll drive up there and see what they have.  I could order one online and have it delivered, but I want to see if they have any closeout specials or anything like that. 

But now, I've got to go find my other set of sheets to put on the bed, and the old comforter (and hope the cat hasn't peed on it), so I can sleep tonight. 

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