Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long Day

We got to stay late at work yesterday, then had to go in early this morning, which made for a long day.  Add to that a strange restlessness that kept me up until after midnight, and waking up every hour to check and make sure I hadn't slept through the alarm, I'm one pooped puppy.  What made us aggravated is that when our own line is behind, we are told we can't work overtime, but when they want us to do another line's work, then that's OK.    It's enough to make you say, "aargh!" 

Then I get up, log into Facebook and find out that the fashion industry now considers a 6 to be a "plus" size.  Seriously?  Six is a plus size?  Don't our young girls have enough trouble with body image without being told that they must be emaciated to be considered beautiful?  According to the article, the average model today is 23% underweight.  That meets the body mass criteria as anorexic.  No wonder our girls are starving themselves to death.  It's enough to make you say, "aargh!" 

And you know what?  Men don't find that attractive.  Or as my friend the late Bubba Vance used to say, "Bones are for dogs." 

Speaking of dogs, Jesse is getting restless.  It was easy to keep him down the first few days when he wasn't feeling so hot.  Now that he's feeling better, he's wanting to get out and play.  He doesn't understand that he can't.  Sigh, three more weeks...

One last thing, I think I'm going to move to Crockett.  I hear the vet clinic there is awesome!


Bag Blog said...

When I was young and tiny, I wore a size 7-8. Jesse is actually larger than I was, but wears a smaller size. I hate the fashion industry.

vw: sizing - I kid thee not!

Becky said...

Me, too. And besides that, everything is just ugly these days. And I really, really don't want to look like a teenage hooker.


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