Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No WIPs This Wednesday

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, and the day I normally post my WIP update.  However, since my knitting mojo seems to be somewhere in Barbados, I haven't really finished anything since last week. 

Something has Jesse's tummy upset.  He's been off his feed and today has had diarrhea.  I think it's all related to getting his heartworms treated, because since we did that, he's had lots of accidents in the house.  That's why I've put him back into his kennel while I'm at work.  I'm hoping it'll all clear up in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, he had diarrhea this morning on the carpet, and again in his kennel while I was at work.  So, after cleaning the carpet-- including shampooing it-- cleaning out the kennel and bathing Jesse, since he'd gotten it all over himself, I'm just too tired to knit. 

So in lieu of a WIP update, I give you this:

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