Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday

As you know, yesterday was Black Friday.  If you've read my blog for any length of time, you will also know that I avoid stores like the plague on Black Friday.

What you may not know is that today was Small Business Saturday.  Today is the day when you are supposed to avoid the large chains and shop only at small, locally owned businesses.  Me, I don't get into that left wing, hippie, corporations-are-evil crap, so I didn't participate in Small Business Saturday.

I went to Wal-Mart, instead.

I did, however make a concerted effort to look for products made in the USA.  See, there is this thing circulating on FB (and probably through e-mail and the blogosphere as well) which says you can usually find the same products made in the USA as you do that are made in China, and usually for cheaper.  The story goes that the author of the e-mail was looking for Christmas lights and walked over two aisles and found some made in America. 

I have come here to say, that is a load of hogwash.  If you're looking for Christmas decorations, forget it.  They are all made in China.  And I do mean ALL of them-- except the live plants and things like that.  Yeah, I checked.  Every ornament, every tree, every box of lights, even the cards and gift tags-- everything I  picked up was made in China.  So I moved on to the gift section.  You know, the pre-packaged bath sets, and mugs with hot chocolate mix in them.  Those kinds of things.  I checked them.  Yep, all made in China.  I finally found one thing that was made in the USA.

It was a candle.  And not only that, I had to check the labels, because some of the very same candles were made in China.  So, if I'm going to buy American, it looks like everyone on my list will have to get either candles or Rubbermaid for Christmas.

I bought those for my sister, but don't worry, she seldom gets online, much less reads this blog.  With three boys, I'm sure she could use all the containers she can get ahold of. 

When I got home, I found a package in my mailbox.  And what was in said package, you may ask?  It was sock yarn.  Kristen had an extra ball that she didn't need, so she sent it on my way. 

Shortly after I got back from the store, it started raining, and hasn't stopped yet.  So, I did what any good Southern woman would do.  I put up my Christmas tree. 

And like any good Texas woman, the first ornament I put on was this one.

Followed immediately by this one:

I don't have any Texas Longhorn ornament, though.  I'll have to rectify that and soon. 

And for your parting shot:  Check out the forecast for Monday

I'm glad I have that day off!


Bag Blog said...

I'm way behind on my comments, but it looks like you had a great Thanksgiving and happy birthday.

We did no shopping what so ever.

Becky said...

I did, thanks.

Dixie said...

liked all your blogs. I went to Parkdale on not black Saturday and is was so NOT crowded. I loved it. Like you, I am going to shop wherever and whenever I want to. Pay day is a good time also! Or do "they" want us do get more in debt

Becky said...

Thanks, Dixie.

Yeah, I'm all for supporting small businesses, I just didn't like the anti-corporation sentiment that seemed to be present in that movement. Smacks of OWS just a little to much.


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