Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's Not Saturday

I woke up this morning feeling like it was Saturday. I had to keep reminding myself that it was actually Tuesday. The plan was to get up and go to Batesville, to that outlet mall up there and get me at least one outfit. It's been so long since I've had new clothes--I realized as I sat in church Sunday with my 10+ year old skirt and top on-- that I wanted to get myself something new.

I wanted to get a belted tunic, and a pair of leggings and maybe a peasant skirt to go with it, along with a pair of faux fur topped boots, then I'd be set.

But when I saw what was headed my way,

I decided it might be best just to stick closer to home today.  Sure enough, around 9ish o'clock, the rain started.

It rained until nearly 2:00, and I just didn't want to get out in it, since I didn't really have to. So, I stayed home and did nothing.

Oh, I had plenty to do inside, but I couldn't seem to work up the motivation to get it done. I mostly watched Netflix and knit on the blankie.

And I watched my traditional Mayflower movie, with Anthony Hopkins and Richard Crenna. I had to figure out how to plug my VCR into my new TV, since that movie isn't available any more, and I only have it on VHS. Once I figured out to plug the AV cable into the output of my VCR, we were off and rolling.

Anyway, it's so hard to find good Thanksgiving movies out there. I couldn't stand Plymouth Adventure with Spencer Tracy. There is one the church library has. It is called An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, and it is based on a short story by Louisa May Alcott. It has gotten really good reviews on Amazon.

I hated it.

See, there is this family-- a mother and three children. The father has recently died and the family is struggling to make ends meet. So the older daughter takes it upon herself to write to her estranged grandmother and ask for help.  Well, the grandma shows up and helps, all right.  The problem I had with it is that she shows such extreme and obvious favoritism toward the older daughter.  She takes her out shopping and they buy a whole new wardrobe for her.  The grandma wants her to come and live in New York with her and be educated, and spoiled, and pampered.

The younger daughter gets nothing.  Everyone seems to be OK with that.  And when the younger daughter expresses envy, she is chastised for being so selfish.

I guess I identify too much with the younger daughter, because I was always the one shoved aside in favor of my sister.  Anyway, the older daughter gets taken off to New York with her fancy silk gowns to be waited on hand and foot, while the younger one has to stay home in her plain, homespun cotton to work and cook and clean-- and she's supposed to do it with a cheerful attitude.  Blech...

Um, what else I did...I got the rest of last year's turkey out of the freezer and made a bit ol' pot of turkey noodle soup-- to go back into the freezer.  Yeah...

Now, I'm all ready to start tomorrow's cooking.

I tried to take a picture of Jesse, but he is still afraid of the camera. As soon as I got it out, he ran and hit behind the bed.

I wish I knew what it was about the camera that scares him so.

Rylea says, "Oh good grief!"

And my thing I'm thankful for today:

An egg-free version of Oatmeal Creme Pies. These were my absolute favorite Little Debbie's and I hated having to give them up. But now, I can have them again!  For that, I am very thankful!


Bag Blog said...

Rain or shine, go get some new clothes, girl! And have a great Thanksgiving!

Becky said...

I will, eventually. Maybe Monday.


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