Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Isn't That Lovely

It seems the older I get, the harder it is to adjust to the time changes.  I had a lovely blog post all mentally composed for you for yesterday, but by the time I got back from walking the dogs, eating supper, and taking my shower, I was too tired to post it. Maybe I'll write it up and save it for another day.

Now, as I sit here typing, I can't remember what today's lovely blog post I had all mentally composed for you was going to be about.   So, I'll just show you a photo of a tree displaying it's lovely fall colors.

It's getting cold again.  They're predicting down into the 20s Thursday night.  Makes me glad I took a vacation day on Friday.  I get to stay home all snuggled in my nice warm bed, while my co-workers head out into the bitter cold to work..

He he he...


Bag Blog said...

I mental blog all the time, and then forget. I noticed yesterday that our trees are looking very fall-ish. After our summer, any cool weather is welcome.

Becky said...

We've had some good fall color here, too. The Sweet Gum and Bradford Pears are the best for color.


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