Thursday, September 23, 2010

Passing The Torch

It happens every so often that things in our lives change.  We have once again come to that bittersweet moment in my life when I must put away a notebook filled with my thoughts, my passions, my fears, and open the cover on a new era in my life.

It's an exciting prospect, opening a new book with its creamy white pages.  Fresh.  New.  Unsullied.  Waiting to be filled with my inspirations, reflections, dreams, and hopes for the future.  Yet, this excitement is tinged with a hint of sadness, as I must set aside an old friend.  It has been my constant companion this last year and a half.  But now, its pages are full.  The old must give way to the new.

In time, the new will touch my heart the way the old has.  But for now, I must mourn.

Just a bit. 

I've always had a thing for writing tools.  Pens, notebooks, fake leather journals with ribbon markers.  When I was younger, I collected them like some people collect baseball cards.  I seldom wrote in them.  Somehow, I didn't want them to lose their newness.  I haven't changed that much.  I still have a thing for notebooks and pens.  I still collect them.

I was looking for a new blogging notebook last week.  Now, this is not as easy as it sounds.  It can't be just any old notebook.  It has to be one that reaches out and grabs me, and says, "Here I am.  Here is your heart."  A blogging notebook also carries the added restriction that it must fit inside my lunch kit.

This one reached out and grabbed me.

This one said, "Here I am.  Here is your heart."  This one I fell in love with.  This one didn't fit inside my lunch kit.

I bought it anyway.

Because that's just who I am.


Dale said...

So maybe one day when you are rich and famous someone can take your thoughts and put them in a "Best Seller" ! Can't wait!!

My brother was big on keeping journals, but for me it was too much like work. I envy folks that can set down with a blank piece of paper and go to writing. In college I always waited till the last minute to write my papers because I always had problems with coming up with the right this to say. Another reason my blog is sporadic at best.

Becky said...

LOL, it's a nice thought, Dale, but I can't even get people to read my blog. I doubt anything I write would end up being a best seller!

I've pretty much kept a journal since jr. high. I don't always write every day. Sometimes I would go for months, even years without journaling, but I always come back to it. I express myself better in writing. I guess because it gives me a chance to really think through what I want to say before putting it down on paper.

Kristen said...

You do a good job, Becky! Writing, and blogging. My blog kind of ended shortly after 3/14/09. That event, coupled with the ease of uploading to FB compared to Blogger, were the main causes. Plus, a local buddy unlinked me from her blog when we had all that trouble, as if it would spread.

Becky said...

Thanks Kristen. My blog took a hit after I started using FB so much. It's --like you said, so much easier. But I've always been the journaling type. I think I started back in 7th grade, when I'd write the days thoughts on the inside covers of my school notebooks.

I've had people unlink me, too. It's kind of hurtful and confusing when you don't know what you did to drive them away. Did I offend them? Did they just get bored with me? I don't know. But I keep on blogging, because that's just who I am.


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