Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten On Tuesday

This week's Ten on Tuesday is 10 ways to have a happy birthday.  Since it's been years since I've really celebrated my birthday in any sort of way, I'm going to have to kind of be creative with this one.

1.  Go to work.  I know this isn't celebrating, per se, but we don't get days off for our birthdays.  Not unless I request a vacation day.  Say, there's an idea.  Then I won't have to listen to everyone say, "Why didn't you tell us?"  The answer to that is, because you would have bought me a cake I couldn't eat, then got offended that I didn't eat it.  Which segues nicely into #2. 

2.  Bake myself a cake.  I usually have to make my own anyway, because of my egg allergy.  This year, I don't know if I'll do myself a football cake, or a Texas shaped cake.  But I've got time to decide.  My birthday isn't until November.

3.  Buy myself a present.  I've always done this too.  Sometimes, I hand Cody money and tell him what to go get, but just as many times, I don't.  This year, I've already bought my birthday present.  I've ordered myself a Dez Bryant jersey, and I got the premier style.  It's a better quality, but a bit more expensive.

4.  Make myself some shrimp and sausage gumbo.  This is becoming a tradition.  Anyone want to come for dinner?  Wait, that would require vacuuming.  Scratch that...

5.  I will say, "Yes, I really am 46.  Well, thank you for thinking I don't look that old, but I really am.  Do you want to see my driver's license?" exactly 387 times.   Or maybe 391.  It all depends.

6.  My birthday is on a Thursday this year, so I'll be watching Bones.  It's always nice to spend any day with Seely Booth.  It's even better when it's your birthday.

7.  My birthday is also a national holiday, so I won't be getting mail.  Bummer.  But that just means I'll get twice as much the next day.  So joy!

8.  My birthday is on Veteran's Day, so I'll wear my dog tags, post something meaningful about veterans, and give a hat tip to all the veterans out there.

9.  I will knit, and listen to my podcast, Talkin Cowboys.  As always.

10.  I'm running out of ideas...Like I said, I haven't really celebrated my birthday in a long time.  Even when I was a kid, I didn't have parties.  My mother would bake a cake, and my grandparents would come over, but that's about it.  It was always a tradition that whoever's birthday it was got to lick the bowl.  One year, my mother made me go take a bath, and when I got out, I discovered that she'd given my bowl to my brother.  I was heartbroken!  It was supposed to be my bowl! 

Maybe that's why birthdays tend to go un-noticed around here.


Dale said...

I especially like steps 2 thru 4! Shelley and I are ordering some jersies as well. She wants a Whitten and I want a Felix Jones, so we will be 82 and 28!

OMG that gumbo looked so good!! Shelley's not a gumbo eater or fixer so I'm left without most times. Anyway, in case I don't see your birthday pop-up on FB, have a wonderful birthday!!

Becky said...

Thanks Dale! I have a cheap Wal-mart knock off Witten jersey, and I don't have a Felix Jones at all. The real jerseys I have are DeMarcus Ware, Tony Romo, Marion Barber, and I still have an old Terrell Owens jersey. If only they weren't so darned expensive!

Sus said...

I think all of that sounds wonderful. Present, cake, special meal, relaxing with some of your favorite entertainments and hobbies -- With all that, how can you say it's "not celebrating"?? It's not a "party", per se, but it sounds like a darned near perfect day to me. You go! :)

Becky said...

Thanks, Sus. Yeah, I don't celebrate in the ways most people think of celebrating, but I do observe my birthday in my own way.

Patch said...

I thought I was the only one who never really did much for one's birthday. The last time I can remember ANY fuss being made over mine was #16 (I'll be 46 in Jan)

Hey Bec, shall we split the diff and have a joint online party in December?

Becky said...

That sounds like a great idea! What'cha wanna do?


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