Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Here! It's Here!

My new Dez Bryant jersey is here! And in time for Sunday's game, too.

I just hope it'll be cool enough to wear it, though if the Cowboys play the way they've played these last two weeks, there'll be enough sweating going on as it is.

It hasn't been pretty.  But the jersey is.  The main difference between the premier and replica jerseys is that in the premier, the name and numbers are sewn on rather than melted on.  I'm not so sure it's worth the extra $30, though.  I'll probably just stick with the replica jerseys from now on.  I am considering buying myself a Tervis Tumbler, too.  Maybe for Christmas.

In knitting news, I transferred my Orkney Pi shawl to a larger size needle, so I was able to spread it out a bit for a photo. 

It's still moving right along.  I've also worked on the Conwy Sock and the Fruit of the Vine scarf, though they don't really look any different.  Just longer.

You know, I'd made some mighty big talk about reducing my WIPs, so what did I do?  I cast on something new.  This is another charity scarf, and yes it is made out of Fun Fur.  Call me low born, or ill bred, or whatever, but I like Fun Fur.  I like it because it's furry, and...well, fun

Plus, the director of the charity I send these to says they're a bit hit at the cancer center. And charity projects don't count as WIPs anyway.  So there.

Last night, I watched the Harvest Moon rise.  I'd missed it the last few years, mostly because I wasn't paying attention to when the September full moon was. This year, someone posted it on Facebook in time for me to get out there and see it.  It sure was pretty, but it's devilish hard to take a good photo of the moon.  Well, it is with the camera I've got.

When I was little, one of our family traditions was that we all went outside and watched the Harvest Moon and the Hunter's Moon (October) rise. 

When Cody was little, we started that tradition ourselves.  I'd make Harvest Moon cookies, which were just cut-out cookies that I cut with a large drinking glass to make them look like full moons.  We'd go out and watch the Harvest Moon rise, then come back inside and eat cookies and drink hot chocolate.

My dad loved astronomy.  There were a couple of us on our street who had telescopes, including my older brother.  We'd gather in the street --it was a dead end street, so no traffic to worry about-- and we'd look at the moon and the stars.  I remember watching the Apollo 11 landing on TV, and one time when I was very small, my parents got me and my brother up in the middle of the night to look at some comet.  I'm not sure which one it was.  I was only about 4 at the time.  I never did see the comet, but I finally just said I did to get my mother to stop shaking me. 

Tomorrow is another adoption fair up at Petco.  I guess I'm just not supposed to be getting another dog right now, because Texas kicks off at 2:30.  I'm not sure I'd have time to get up there, pick out a dog, and get back in time.  It's a two hour drive each way.  Plus, with the neighbor's dog spending so much time over here, I almost feel like I have two dogs already.

Oh, and speaking of the neighbor's dog, good news!  They are finally going to get him neutered!  Woo Hoo!  I know Rylea will be relieved.  Now she won't have to spend half the day with his nose up her hoo hoo.

Rylea says, "Thank goodness for that!"


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