Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sundries and Miscellany

It is definitely spring. I have sneezed approximately 8793 times today. OK, maybe not, but it sure feels like it. I got a letter a few weeks back telling me that my insurance company would not be covering my Allegra any more, since there are over the counter medicines that work just as well. I'm going to still buy it, though, since I was paying full price for it anyway. I just don't get sick enough to ever meet my deductible. Now, I just need to get back to the doctor to get my script refilled. Or find some of those "just as good" OTC medicines they are talking about, since none of the ones I've tried are cutting it.

Sunday, I was working in the library at church. One of the regulars came in and was looking around, as she does every Sunday. She asked me if I've ever read a particular author. I replied that I don't remember if I had or not. If I did, it was a long time ago. Well, Mrs. W. said that she just didn't like that author. Her stories were good, but in her books all the good people were beautiful and all the bad people are ugly, and vice versa. All the beautiful people are good, and all the ugly people are bad. She said that bugged her, because that's not the way it is in real life. Beautiful people can be evil, and ugly people can be good.

Then she showed me a faith based diet book that she was checking out and said, "Reading it is easy. Sticking to it is hard." I replied that most diets can be summed up in one simple instruction, "Never eat anything that tastes good." That's why they don't work. You have to eat foods you enjoy or you won't be able to stick to anything.

Well, I forgot what else I was going to talk about. Maybe I'll remember tomorrow.

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