Monday, March 29, 2010

More Bad News

I went back to my dentist today for my post root canal follow up, and we talked about my options for getting my teeth replaced. The first thing he wants me to have done is to get that one tooth pulled. But he wants me to go to an oral surgeon and get my wisdom tooth cut out at the same time. That's all good.

The problem is, they are going to put me to sleep to do it and I need someone to drive me. I know several people who would, but they all work during the day. I hate to ask someone to take a day off of work just to take me to an oral surgeon. Oh well. I'll figure something out.

I think the cat has a UTI. At first, I thought she had worms, but when I cleaned her litterbox, I didn't see any sign of them in her poop. I checked on PetMD and her symptoms seem to match urniary tract infection. She seems very uncomfortable, keeps licking herself, is spending a lot of time in the litterbox, and is dribbling a little. I'll be taking her to the vet tomorrow after work.

Squeaky says, "You didn't have to tell them that."

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